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Compease helps companies attract, retain, and engage top talent
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Harvard University Employee Credit Union

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How do Companies Benefit from Using Compease?

CompeaseAttract Top Talent

They attract top talent. They have access to the best data, ensuring the most accurate, market-driven salary ranges.

CompeaseRetain Top Talent

They reduce staff turnover. Increasing retention by just three employees per year leads the average company to save $75,000 per year.

CompeaseIncrease Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is higher due to increased awareness that salary ranges are equitably developed position by position.

CompeaseSimplify HR Processes

HR gets to simplify. Nobody spends a month each year manually calculating and updating data. HR is freed up to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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1-800 Contacts uses Compease.

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"Having a tool like Compease will be easy to work with, regardless of whether our strategy might change over time. It's a great value for a company like ours to use a tool like Compease."


Rod Lacey

Human Resources VP

1-800 Contacts

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HR Performance Solutions was founded in 1989 and offers practical performance management, and salary administration applications.

These applications are time-tested, content rich, and are used by over 200,000 professionals.

Our solutions are designed by human resource professionals with decades of experience to be secure, effective, and easy to use. HR Performance Solutions is committed to continually improving and enhancing Compease with annual updates in order to help our clients expand the effectiveness and success of their workforce.

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